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The Aces way is the only WAY!

A century of rivalry and more!

The first game was played on October 26, 1897, on the North Wayne field in Radnor.  The field was then used as the Merryvale Country Club grounds.  The players did not wear uniforms and they cut the grass and painted the lines before the game.  Several hundred spectators watched the game which was won by Lower Merion 10-4.  


Crowds grew steadily each year, as did the festivities surrounding the game.   Parading to the game down Lancaster Avenue has happened many years.  Even before the schools had bands, neighborhood bands from Ardmore and Radnor provided music (even the Anthony Wayne Drum & Bugle Corps).


Admission to the game was free until 1915 when Lower Merion charged 25 cents admission to the game.  Radnor principal Amos Chamberlain protested, but to no avail.  Admission has been charged since.


As the crowds grew, the game was moved to the Villanova College Stadium starting in 1930.  Beginning in this era, elaborate programs were published as game souvenirs.